The UK's dedicated awards for Glass & Glazing Installers

The Installer Awards – brought to you by Glass and Glazing Products (GGP) magazine – reward wow-factor installations, and honour the industry’s best installer businesses and installer-focussed service providers. It’s all about exceptional workmanship, creative innovation and inspiring people within the often overlooked installation sector.

Now in its fifth year, GGP’s Installer Awards is firmly establishing itself as a key event in the glazing industry’s calendar. It offers businesses the opportunity to showcase talent, to promote excellence and to inspire others within the fenestration and wider glazing industry.  

GGP’s Installer Awards present twelve categories focussing on a range of installation types and services. There are eight “Best Installation” categories, segmented by the final project cost and whether the project is residential or commercial. These categories are judged on the creative use of products, project complexity and the aesthetics of the end result.

Other categories include Best Technical Innovation, Outstanding Achievement, Rising Star – which champions up-and-coming installation talent – and Best Installer Support Programme or Service. Altogether, the twelve categories of GGP’s Installer Awards provide plenty of opportunity for companies and individuals to be annually acknowledged for their achievements.

Winning one of GGP’s Installer Awards is an achievement that has proven benefits for all shortlisted business applicants. Not only does it help enhance a company’s reputation, being an award winner helps to raise a business’ profile and to secure a competitive edge over industry peers.

Considering the challenges that the glazing and wider manufacturing industry continues to face, there is no better time to celebrate and support success within a challenging market. So join us in shining a spotlight on our industry’s often unsung heroes: the installers! Enter and support GGP’s Installer Awards. 

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