2024 Shortlist

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Clearview Home Improvements

Clearview recently completed a remarkable project on a property with a traditional appearance for the client, Mr & Mrs Holt, who were looking for the design and construction of a stone-built annex adjacent to their home. The client had a grand vision for their annex and wanted it to be in keeping with the traditional features of their home to blend seamlessly as though it was an original part of the architecture.

To create an annex which would match their home’s traditional features, the choice of materials was key in helping to realise their vision. Stone walls, coupled with large wooden lodger columns, were selected to create a timeless look that would fit with both traditional and contemporary architectural styles. The wooden columns not only add a touch of elegance to the build, but also underscore Clearview's commitment to environmentally friendly, renewable, and durable materials. A defining feature of the annex is the flat rubber roof crowned with a stunning large glass dome, flooding the space with natural light. Beginning the build in the winter season did make the project challenging to being with due to adverse weather conditions, but our team navigated this with expert planning and adaptability.

What makes this project stand out are the various design elements used in the time frame completed, a swift 6-week turnaround. The various design features used creates an annex that not only complements the style and architecture of the property, but it showcases Clearview's expertise in delivering innovative and visually appealing solutions for our clients. Rigorous planning, realistic goal setting, regular progress monitoring, and effective communication were key in being able to complete this amazing transformation in the timeframe.

This project showcases Clearview’s ability to transform architectural visions into reality.

Grabex Windows

The customer, Sophisticated Construction Ltd, approached us with the architectural plans for a rear extension to the property in Kingston upon Thames, Southview Warren Park, which featured oversized glazing installed at 2 of its sides meeting neatly to create a corner opening. So far none of the systems could meet their design brief, as there were several further requirements that had to be met. The extension was to become a spa room opening to the garden, and housing a sauna, steam room, large lounge area and connected to the swimming pool and gym area. No particular system was specified, so the customer came to us looking for recommendations.

Overall architectural slimline aesthetic was of the utmost importance to the customer. The planned corner glazed doors featured 5 oversized panels of the total length of 12.5m, and the other shorter side of 7.5m consisted of 3 panels, with triple track specified, and with the glass-to-glass connection of the fixed panels being crucial to the overall aesthetic! Only 2 of the panels at both sides were to be motorised. The doors also had to be in the custom RAL 1013 Oyster White (to complement the look of the stone finish of the extension) and in marine-grade coating due to the character of the extension.

Lomax + Wood

Lomax + Wood was selected ahead of specialist Garden Room suppliers for this wonderful project in Shenfield, Essex. Lomax + Wood was able to provide and fit made-to-order timber windows, doors and a roof lantern at a fraction of the inflated prices provided by Garden Room specialists. Working closely with the designer and client not only was this beautiful timber garden room added to the substantial property but all the main house windows were supplied as well.

Radcliffe Glass and Windows

The project is a single-storey Apex extension with open-plan design from the kitchen into the new structure and a set of Bi-Folding Doors on the same elevation from the existing home.


Surrey Hills Project - the brief here was to remove the existing tatty and sad-looking structure and create a modern, contemporary and stylish addition to this stunning property that not only complimented the existing home but encouraged year-round use of this space.

This was a unique and interesting project that involved a lot of work liaising with the client and their architect before the final proposal was agreed upon.

Care had to be taken as the properly sits in an area of the Surrey Hills that is part of an Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty, ensuring that the local authority’s planning and conservation officers were happy with the proposal was paramount.

SolarFrame Direct

The customer approached SolarFrame to replace their existing Victorian polycarbonate conservatory that was completely unusable, due it being too warm in the summer months and too cool in the winter months. They hadn't used the space in years and it had become a wasted space in their home. The customers worked with our design consultant Tom, to achieve the look they were looking for. After visiting our flagship showroom, and sourcing inspiration on Pinterest, the customer provided Tom with the brief that they wanted an orangery with bi-folds and Tom provided his expert knowledge to create the ultimate modern design.

Tyneside Home Improvements

The client's vision encompassed the construction of a light and spacious home office situated at the rear of their double garage, seamlessly extending into the garden. The primary goal was to create an inviting workspace that could be used throughout the year, demanding careful consideration of both heating during the winter months and cooling for the summer. The project had to strike a balance between functionality as a productive office and aesthetic harmony with the client's existing home.

One crucial aspect of the project was its versatility. The client sought a design that could easily adapt to alternative uses in the future. This included the potential transformation of the space into a gym or a summer room, should the need or desire arise. The project aimed to meet these requirements by delivering a multifunctional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing workspace that could evolve to accommodate the client's evolving needs and preferences.

YES Glazing Solutions

Cheltenham Crittall project is a captivating transformation of a historic grand hotel into a stylish and contemporary home. This architectural endeavour showcases the seamless fusion of heritage and modernity, with a prominent focus on the elegant Crittall W20 windows and a stunning lean-to roof conservatory.

Camel Glass and Joinery

Our client came to us as he wanted to create a space for his wife to sit and enjoy the sea views at the property, that was useable all year around and would bring the outside in. As the client’s wife was in a wheelchair, the main part of the brief was to create a conservatory with level access and to work with their builder to create a space that flowed from the inside, through the conservatory and seamlessly out onto the deck. As part of the design they wanted something that was in keeping with the house and didn’t stand out as a contrast.

Jewel Windows

The customer had an existing timber conservatory which they wanted to update to enable them to use it year-round. The old conservatory wasn't insulated and needed renewing.

The brief was to replace the existing conservatory, replace all the windows and doors, and install a new warm roof. This was a sizable project, spanning the full width of the customer’s house.

Oz Windows

Complete new conservatory from floor to roof. Timber floating floor with PVCu frames & lightweight wood-framed grey tiled roof.

Radcliffe Glass and Windows

The client had an old uPVC conservatory which was never used because it was too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, looked tired and became more of a spare room to store items away from the main house. Having done other installations for the client they trusted Radcliffe Glass & Windows to transform their unused space into a feature of their home and within a very tight budget.

Tyneside Home Improvements

The project brief was the construction of a light-filled Hybrid Orangery at the rear of the client's home, seamlessly extending into the garden to create a versatile space for year-round use. The primary objective was to strike a perfect balance between indoor comfort and an outdoor atmosphere. Aesthetic integration was paramount, with careful selection of building materials, particularly bricks that harmonized a cottage garden feel.

The project had a designated budget of £29,500, covering design, materials, and labour costs.

Camel Glass and Joinery

Camel was tasked with designing and constructing an entrance door that not only had an impressive aesthetic but was highly durable and could withstand the harsh elements as it would be exposed to in the location in Pool. In order to achieve this, Camel made use of a combination of high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

The door was fabricated primarily from tricoya, a type of hardwood known for its durability. Steel reinforcing was also incorporated into the design to ensure that the door remained dimensionally stable and could withstand the extreme pressures and stresses it would be subjected to. The use of these materials allowed for a reliable structure that could withstand any weather condition.

To further enhance its durability, Camel applied a bronze liquid metal coating to the door which was both aesthetically pleasing and practical, providing additional protection against the harsh elements.

The use of 316 stainless ironmongery was also employed, providing a layer of protection against rust and other forms of corrosion. This was necessary given the exposed location of the door, which would make it vulnerable to damage from saltwater and other corrosive agents.

Camel's attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship resulted in a door that was not only aesthetically pleasing, but also highly durable and functional. The end result was a beautiful entrance door that would last for years to come and provide reliable performance regardless of any weather conditions or other environmental factors it may be exposed to.

Grabex Windows

The customer, Sophisticated Construction Ltd, approached us with the architectural plans for a rear extension to the property in Kingston upon Thames, Southview Warren Park, which featured oversized glazing installed at 2 of its sides meeting neatly to create a corner opening. So far none of the systems could meet their design brief, as there were a few further requirements that had to be met. The extension was to become a spa room opening to the garden, and housing a sauna, steam room, large lounge area and connected to the swimming pool and gym area. No particular system was specified, so the customer came to us looking for recommendations.

Overall architectural slimline aesthetic was of the utmost importance to the customer. The planned corner glazed doors featured 5 oversized panels of the total length of 12.5m, and the other shorter side of 7.5m consisted of 3 panels, with triple track specified, and with the glass-to-glass connection of the fixed panels being crucial to the overall aesthetic! Only 2 of the panels at both sides were to be motorised. The doors also had to be in the custom RAL 1013 Oyster White (to complement the look of the stone finish of the extension)and in marine grade coating due to the character of the extension.

Hayley Windows Design and Installation

To replace an old UPVC front entrance door with a new composite door and UPVC frames, including bespoke heritage glass

James Wilding Joinery – Russell

To manufacture a door to the customer's bespoke design. The door must be made from sustainable wood (ideally Accoya) and feature good quality stainless steel ironmongery. The clients had just moved to this property and wanted to replace their old plastic front door with something that was more in keeping with the look of the building and surrounding area. They also wanted a product that would last a long time - hence using Accoya.

Jewel Windows

The customer had an existing front door that consisted of mahogany wooden frame with full glass with 1/3 frosting in the centre of each panel. They wanted to update their front door to a modern uPVC door with glass panelling either side, to not only modernise the look of their property, but to better insulate their front entrance.

Radcliffe Glass and Windows

A totally Bespoke Spitfire Aluminium Door with Fingerprint Entry and side-panels.

Tradeglaze (Lincoln)

Our customer was looking for a makeover of their bungalow property with aluminium front entrance and flush casement windows.


The Guard House is an impressive Grade II listed property situated in the centre of the historic city of Winchester. As its name eludes, the property once guarded the entrance to the Peninsula Barracks which were built in the early 20th century and included cells to detain unruly soldiers. The barracks were built on the former King's House site, designed by Christopher Wren but destroyed by fire in 1894.

The Guard House was converted into a residential property in 1995/96, and as a listed property retained many of its period details. It was recently purchased by a new owner after serving as a family home for 18 years. The windows had not been replaced since its renovations in 1996 and many were rotting and coming to the end of their working lifespan. The new owner was renting out the property and was looking at having the windows repaired, however, after receiving an EPC grading of E they decided to look into having triple-glazing in order to improve the thermal efficiency for their tenants.

As a developer, the owner had used Bereco previously on two new build projects that they had completed and was very happy with the service, so they approached us to see how we could help.

Glassier Window Systems

Stillingfleet House, Shaw Street, Worcester was formerly the offices of the Probation Services. This building, part Grade II Listed Georgian with a 1960’s addition, is set right in the centre of the city within a conservation area. The property was acquired by Worcester Municipal Charities, who specialise in providing housing for the homeless and vulnerable, with approval to turn the building into 25 self-contained one-bedroom flats.

As the original Georgian building had a Grade II Listing, the windows to that section had to be renovated or replaced with faithfully recreated timber vertical sliding sash windows. However, the 1960’s addition could have modern double-glazing, so long as it met with the approval of the local Conservation Planners.

The scheme involved the change of use of the original office premises, complete reconfiguration of the interior and construction of new apartment space. The building and its window installation sits on one of Worcester’s busiest throughfares and now blends seamlessly with its surroundings.

Grabex Windows

52 Argyll Road sits within the Kensington Conservation Area. This stunning terraced property was originally built in the late 19th century, and still has plenty of original timber features that date back more than a century. The property was modernised, extended into the basement, and the loft extension added a few years back, and this time the owners decided to finally upgrade all old single-glazed draughty windows and doors, (with owners speculating that they could be at least 70 years old) and approached Grabex, and several other companies, through their builder. After a few meetings where we acknowledged the owners' concerns about working around the traditional features and impressing with our local manufacturing facilities, the owners entrusted us with their project.

The new double glazed timber sash windows had to have slim enough profiles to go in line with the requirements of the conservation area location, new replacement timber French doors had to be close to like-for-like replacement with the hardware slim and flat enough so the historical shutters, when reinstalled back in place, can close fully, without any obstructions. The entire project was to be completed in dual colour with internal finish matching SANDERSON 31 Dusky White (RAL 9001 Cream) in semi-matt, and standard white on the outside. The owners also expected us to help them professionally uninstall all the shutters and carefully re-install them to their original state once the installation of all the windows and doors is completed.

James Wilding

To manufacture doors and windows for a Grade II listed farmhouse and the attached barns, that are being converted into living accommodation. The design of the windows and doors need to be sympathetic to the age and character of the building, but be as energy efficient as possible. To also remove plastic and aluminium windows that were already in the building and replace with more in keeping wooden alternatives.

Timber was specified, as the property is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and listed, so the use of other products, such as UPVC aren't in keeping with the traditional look that they are trying to achieve. The doors and windows had to be in keeping and aesthetically pleasing, retaining character throughout.


This project involved the replacement of highly bespoke casement timber windows in a central London mansion block within a Westminster Article 4 conservation area. The first stage involved producing detailed CAD section drawings to submit to the planners for approval to change the windows. All the window frames and sashes featured 'three-centred arches,' so we meticulously templated the existing frames and brick arches. The production survey took a full day for two people, making it the most complex set of joinery we have ever contracted. The new windows had to closely replicate the old windows to obtain planning permission.

This presented a challenge as double glazing increased the weight of the sashes and reduced sight-lines. Ensuring similar sized sash stiles & rails and having the frames sit proud from the sashes were additional challenges due to the incorporation of double glazing while providing adequate draft proofing to comply with approved Doc L.

The location posed a significant challenge as the property was on the 6th floor of a period mansion block. To overcome this, we constructed the frames in two sections, allowing us to transport them up the stairs and into the property. Additionally, the conservation officer requested that the coupling of the frames should not be visible, which prompted us to devise a way to disguise the fact that the windows consisted of two separate frames from the outside view. During installation, the team had to wear harnesses due to the limited external ledge where we could make adjustments to the frames and make good.

Throughout the project, we had to manage the client's architect's very exacting standards and high expectations. Nevertheless, they were very satisfied with the end result of the project.

Standard Patent Glazing Company

Nestled within Wentworth Woodhouse, the Camellia House stands as an emblem of architectural grandeur, designed in the early 19th century by Charles Watson Wentworth, the 2nd Marquess of Rockingham. Its purpose was to cultivate exotic camellia plants from distant lands, symbolic of opulence and refinement. Standard Patent Glazing were specified on the £5 million restoration project for Camellia House, Wentworth Woodhouse, Rotherham, transforming this building which houses some of the oldest camellias in the western world including a tea house and a community cafe. The year-long project restoration of this Georgian Grade II listed building, commencing in August 2022, included the recreation of the original windows, installation of a rainwater harvester and ground source heating systems.

The original cast iron roof trusses were removed, restored back to their original glory and returned into their original place. In February 2023 the building was ready for our Heritage lead-covered patent glazing bars to be fitted with 8.8mm clear laminated glass. As well as the continued works inside the building, major work commenced outside with the restoration of the fountain and car park. The regeneration continued and is expected to open to the public in Spring 2024.

Touchstone Glazing Solutions

Ledston Hall is the first Grade-I listed building in the UK to achieve Listed Building consent to replace its single-glazed, leaded windows with energy efficient, double-glazed alternatives.

There are around 400,000 listed building in England, of which just 2.5% are classified as Grade I – normally reserved for historically important buildings such as cathedrals, castles and town halls.

In 2015, planning permission and listed building consent was awarded to convert the Hall into 10 private dwellings. The glazing to the Hall included a combination of sliding sash windows, genuine leaded lights and steel casements which had been fitted to the parts of the Hall that had stone mullions. This opportunity rested on convincing Historic England that Touchstone’s Insulead and Steelyte glazing system was suitable in look and function to be installed in such a significant historic building.

Approval for Touchstone’s patented Insulead/Steelyte double-glazing system was a key milestone in the renovation of the hall, marking a turning point for upgrading the carbon efficiency of listed heritage buildings nationally.

Being the first Grade I listed building to receive listed building consent for double glazing is without doubt a game-changer for Historic buildings and the glazing industry.

Tyneside Home Improvements

Carrowcroft, an esteemed Grade II listed building, stands proudly within the Romaldkirk Conservation Area in the Pennines, exuding the splendour of 19th-century architectural prowess. This grand residence, a jewel amidst Romaldkirk's coveted properties, is a testament to the village's picturesque allure, making it a highly sought-after locale for discerning residents.

Perched at the western terminus of Romaldkirk village, Carrowcroft bears witness to the Victorian era's architectural opulence, boasting exquisite stone detailing, including the regal full-height bay windows and the semi-octagonal stair tower crowned by a pinnacle roof. Its historical narrative is enriched by subtle extensions over the years, most notably the addition of a spacious timber-framed conservatory.

The custodians of Carrowcroft, with unwavering dedication, have meticulously preserved its legacy, undertaking all endeavours with a keen eye for preserving the original structural integrity. Their ardent pursuit of restoration has been marked by a commitment to reinstating Carrowcroft to its former glory, a labour of love manifested in every meticulous detail.

In this pursuit, an existing conservatory, a later addition to the property, succumbed to the passage of time, rendering it beyond economic repair. Thus, the proprietors embarked on a quest to replace it with a new conservatory extension. This envisioned addition not only promised to elevate the aesthetic of the dwelling but also ensure the space was optimized for contemporary living, all while paying due deference to the Heritage Asset's sanctity through its meticulous positioning.

The execution of the vision necessitated a trio of regulatory approvals: planning permission, listed building consent, and building regulation consent. These requisite clearances stand as a testament to the dedication of the custodians, ensuring that every transformation remains in harmonious concord with the historical essence of Carrowcroft, safeguarding its legacy for generations yet to come.

Arden Windows

Arden Windows supplied and installed all of the bespoke timber windows on the Historic Leybourne Chase Manor House, Clock Tower and Gardener's Cottage. The Manor House was originally built in the 1800s and was the residence of Sir Joseph Hawley, 3rd Baronet, a former racehorse trainer and breeder. It later became a hospital specialising in Mental Health Care.

Once the hospital was decommissioned in 1996 the Manor House stood derelict until it was later purchased by Taylor Wimpey and renovated into luxury apartments. When Taylor Wimpey originally purchased the land to build over 700 properties it was stipulated in the planning conditions that the Grade II Manor House was restored, not only to reach the required aesthetics, keeping in line with the heritage statement, but also had to meet the current UK building regulations and NHBC standards.

Arden Windows Ltd played a key part from the beginning of this project: we surveyed the existing windows and designed a new product that was sympathetic in design to the original windows, as well as meeting the required thermal and security ratings to comply with the present-day building regulations. This meant matching the original profiles on the frames and sashes, producing the drawings to allow Taylor Wimpey to get the designs approved with British Heritage and planning. Once the designs were approved we had the task of manufacturing and installing over 200 windows/doors to non-standard bespoke sections, which meant we had to purchase additional tooling for our CNC machine.

Camel Glass and Joinery

This project aimed to develop an Architectural Showroom, creating a premier destination for showcasing the breadth and sophistication of Camel Glass products and services. The primary goal was to construct a space that not only serves as a dynamic exhibition platform but also as an architectural marvel that reflects the innovative spirit and quality craftsmanship inherent in Camel Glass.

Large, strategically placed glass panels will not only flood the interior with natural light but also provide a seamless transition between the exterior and interior, creating an immersive experience for visitors.

Internally, the layout of the showroom will be meticulously planned to optimise the display of Camel Glass products.

The showroom would aspire to be more than a display space; it would aim to be a testament to the transformative power of architectural glass, positioning Camel Glass as a leader in the industry.

EYG Commercial

The Tree Tops development, just 10 minutes from Hull city centre , is a commercial development like no other. Five timber-built pods, designed in the style of woodland treehouses, challenge the conventional wisdom of what business space should look like.

They are part of Brooklands Property Holdings’ Hesslewood Office Park and, nestled in woodland on the edge of the park, are home to a variety of businesses.

All of the windows and doors in the pods were fabricated and installed by EYG Commercial, using exclusively AluK products.

The developer wanted to maximise the views with floor to ceiling windows, and install bifold doors to fully reveal the glorious parkland setting for their business occupiers, who range from blue chip companies to small start-ups.

The developer wanted the space to be flooded with natural light, to create calm and tranquil workspaces.

The brief was to create something out of the ordinary, that was suited to the grand surroundings of the listed building it is situated within the grounds of, and which blended in seamlessly and yet was practical and attractive to businesses as a commercial let.

Our aluminium window and door systems also filled the brief for being thermally efficient, robustly strong, and secure.

OpenSquare Glazing

Our client was an architect who was adjoining a new build dwelling to his existing refurbished Barnhouse in Hertfordshire, and wanted a structural glass link between the 2 properties.

We designed, supplied and installed this element in under 6 weeks, and while craning the 300kg roof into place, literally had 10mm tolerance to install.

We also installed our slim aluminium open corner pocket doors to the new dwelling, as well as our own rooflights.

Great images online and a raving review from our client, which has led to a very large number of views on our Instagram page, as we had a drone photographer capture the project.

TP Improvements

The project saw the installation of aluminium windows and doors in a textured black finish (Obsidian Black Textured) for a new high street boutique shop in the picturesque village of Lindfield in West Sussex. This included French Doors, Fixed Windows and Casement Windows. The shop has a very sustainable feel, we worked with a builder who uses our services for other projects, and completed all installation work within the time frame for it to be ready for its grand opening.

Tradeglaze (Lincoln)

Lincolnshire property developer and contractor Stirlin Developments appointed Tradeglaze as part of a 4-way Team Lincolnshire collaboration project to supply our award-winning aluminium curtain walling and aluminium windows and aluminium doors for new Duncan & Toplis and Wilkin Chapman LLP offices at Oxley House in Louth.

Oxley House is a landmark in architectural innovation, offering 10,000 sq. ft. of state-of-the art office space. Our role encompassed designing, manufacturing, and installing aluminium curtain walling and windows, leveraging Senior Architectural Systems’ cutting-edge profiles.

The project demanded intricate collaboration and versatility, which we delivered with distinction.

YES Glazing Solutions

Situated in the idyllic town of Sevenoaks, Kent, the Sevenoaks School Window Restoration Project is a remarkable endeavour that seamlessly marries tradition and modernity. The ambitious project involved the replacement of the Crittall Steel W20 single-glazed arch windows with traditional leaded and stained-glass windows, rejuvenating the school's historic charm while enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

Grabex Windows

The customer, Sophisticated Construction Ltd, approached us with the architectural plans for a rear extension to the property in Kingston upon Thames, Southview Warren Park, which featured oversized glazing installed at 2 of its sides meeting neatly to create a corner opening. So far none of the systems could meet their design brief, as there were a few further requirements that had to be met. The extension was to become a spa room opening to the garden, and housing a sauna, steam room, large lounge area and connected to the swimming pool and gym area. No particular system was specified, so the customer came to us looking for recommendations.

Overall architectural slimline aesthetic was of the utmost importance to the customer. The planned corner glazed doors featured 5 oversized panels of the total length of 12.5m, and the other shorter side of 7.5m consisted of 3 panels, with triple track specified, and with the glass-to-glass connection of the fixed panels being crucial to the overall aesthetic! Only 2 of the panels at both sides were to be motorised. The doors also had to be in the custom RAL 1013 Oyster White (to complement the look of the stone finish of the extension)and in marine grade coating due to the character of the extension.

Horizon Architectural Glazing

We successfully executed the comprehensive design, survey, and installation of 25 windows, 4 raked frames, 4 single doors, and 4 sets of lift-and-slide doors for a sustainable property and its annex, offering panoramic views of the Cornish coast.

Our mandate was to ensure the optimal efficiency of all products in alignment with passive Haus standards, concurrently maximising the property's scenic vistas of the bay. Emphasis was placed on seamlessly integrating the frames into the architecture, minimising visible outer frames, and harmonising with the charcoal cladding and green eco roofs.

Addressing the client's technological preferences, we prioritised features such as keypad entry for effortless access, catering to the client's and their family's convenience and security requirements.

Given the substantial incorporation of steel elements within the structure, our expertise extended to the cladding of these steels, ensuring a flawlessly cohesive finish across the entire facade. This task was particularly critical in the expansive corner gable section of the property, where a seamless integration was paramount for aesthetic and structural considerations.

James Wilding Joinery

To manufacture doors and windows for a Grade II listed farmhouse and the attached barns, that are being converted into living accommodation. The design of the windows and doors need to be sympathetic to the age and character of the building, but be as energy efficient as possible. To also remove plastic and aluminium windows that were already in the building and replace with more in keeping wooden alternatives.

Timber was specified, as the property is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and listed, as the use of other products such as uPVC aren't in keeping with the traditional look that they are trying to achieve. The doors and windows had to be in keeping and aesthetically pleasing, retaining character throughout.

Lightfoot Windows (Kent)

This was a complete renovation of a 4,610 square foot semi-detached house. Working alongside both the interior designers and main contractors, we were tasked with designing and installing a series of internal and external Crittall steel screens and doors, the majority of which needed to be fire-rated.

PL Glazing

The glazing on this project was part of a full property renovation on a Victorian terrace house in Fulham. The brief we were given for the glazing was to upgrade the existing box sash windows and timber doors, replacing like-for-like designs with new double-glazed units, in place of the exiting single glazed units. The intention was to match the design, due to planning requirements, but improve the energy efficiency and thermal performance of the glazing. We were also asked to provide new glazed units in the shape of an external steel heritage style doors from the kitchen to the rear garden, a large roof lantern in the kitchen and a flat rooflight on the roof, over the staircase. Internally, we were instructed to install a heritage style glazed wall and door in-between the entrance hallway and living room and a fixed screen between the hallway and kitchen. The intention of both these units was to create a physical division between the two spaces, but allow light flow in areas that would otherwise be dark. Ultimately the client wanted to modernise a previously tired looking space that had not been renovated for many years and improve the energy efficiency of the entire property.

Style Windows

Style Windows was honoured to collaborate with Godel Architects on a ground-breaking project that sought to transform high-end living experiences in Jersey. Situated in a stunning coastal location, the design intent was to create a residence that would serve as a seamless extension of its natural surroundings without compromising the energy efficiency. The architectural vision was focused on minimalist framing to maximise the breath-taking panoramic views, large spans of glass to invite the outdoors in, and intricate detailing to ensure the highest levels of performance, weather resistance and aesthetics.

Our brief was to bring this vision to life through meticulous design, supply, and installation of suitable glazing products and this demanded a high level of precision, given the significant structural deflections that had to be accommodated without compromising on the minimalist aesthetic. The large spans of glass were not just an architectural feature but also a complex engineering challenge, requiring innovative solutions to handle the weight and size of the glass while maintaining the integrity of the structure.

Quality, workmanship, and design were of paramount importance, and our team was committed to meeting these high standards. We were selected for this ambitious project due to our reputation for exceptional quality, long-standing supplier partnerships, and a proven track record in delivering similar high-end projects in Jersey. The project was a significant construction undertaking where every element, from the framing to the glass specifications, had to be executed flawlessly to meet the exacting standards set by both the client and the design team.

The project was a harmonious blend of design intent and engineering excellence, aiming to create a residence that would set a new benchmark for high-end comfort, aesthetics and functionality.

Thames Valley Windows

Nestled within Lower Bourne’s most sought-after private roads, amongst beautifully landscaped gardens, sat a dated, detached bungalow in desperate need of attention and a design overhaul - both inside and out.

Following the purchase of the house in 2020, the new owner saw huge potential to extend and renovate the property, creating a perfect family home while elevating its specification to the same standard as neighbouring houses.

The core elements of the client’s brief, given to Kate Stobbart Architects detailed the desire to design a highly sustainable, contemporary home. In order to achieve this, the client thought it necessary to install minimal architectural glazing solutions. Not only did the windows and doors being fitted throughout the whole property need to offer slim sightlines and ample natural light, but they wanted the glazing systems to connect living spaces with the outdoors, offering panoramic views across the garden and connecting Surrey countryside.

It was also outlined that the new property must comply with the Farnham Design Statement, Farnham Neighbourhood Plan Policy, FNP16 Extensions, and FNP1 New Development and Conservation, while still being in keeping with the surrounding areas. Due to the bespoke nature of the property’s design and the requirements to be met, new made-to-measure windows and doors were needed for the project, and Thames Valley Windows were highly recommended to the client, by the builders already working alongside them.

Vernon UPVC and Joinery

The project was separated into 2 phases;

In phase 1 we installed black uPVC windows which provides a striking visual. The incorporation of dummy casements adds architectural charm and the two uPVC glazed doors contribute to an open and bright interior.

Phase 2 consisted of the installation of a glass curtain wall paired with a bifold door, a distinctive shape frame, and the strategic concealment of steel posts in uPVC presents a design synergy that achieves a seamlessly integrated and contemporary aesthetic. The glass curtain wall fills the spaces with natural light while fostering a visual connection between indoors and outdoors. Complemented by a bifold door, this setup offers flexibility, seamlessly merging interior and exterior environments. The shape frame not only enhances the overall architectural appeal but also adds a touch of sophistication. We concealed the steel posts in uPVC which contributes to a unified and sleek appearance while also ensuring durability and resistance to the elements. This installation creates a seamless and modern look whilst also prioritizes functionality. The dual-door design of the French entrance door not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also allows for ample natural light, creating a well-lit entryway. With features like multi-point locking systems and energy-efficient glazing, these doors offer both style and practicality.

This combination overall enhances the curb appeal of the property but also ensures energy efficiency and security. We believe that the black uPVC frames creates a bold and sophisticated look.

Coral Windows and Conservatories

Initially the customer had traditional white uPVC windows which had transoms and Georgian bars in them reducing the light, the customer was looking for a more modern style, along with a design which allowed more light into the property. After spending time with our design consultant, they agreed to change the windows to Flush Sash in anthracite grey, along with updating their old metal door to our contemporary composite door in anthracite grey. The soffits and facias were also installed in anthracite grey from the old white uPVC ones.

Hayley Windows Design and Installation

Working with a client on their extension project to include a feature glazing element, maximising the lovely views into their garden and brining the outside in.

Jackson Windows

This beautiful Lincolnshire bungalow has undergone a full makeover by replacing all of the windows and doors throughout. It benefits from traditional features and there is great attention to detail throughout the property.

Starglaze Home Improvements

The customer, a recent resident to the neighbourhood, had just acquired their charming new home. They were immediately smitten with the house's architectural style and its ideal location. Eager to put their own stamp on the property, they set their sights on a comprehensive refurbishment project. Their vision for the renovation began with the windows, as they believed that this would serve as an excellent initial step in the transformation.

In discussing the aesthetics of the new windows, the customers expressed their desire for a design that was simultaneously modern, stylish, and contemporary. After exploring various options, they ultimately decided on our 2800 Flush White windows with dummy sashes. This choice perfectly aligned with their vision for a fresh, timeless look that would seamlessly integrate with the house's existing charm and character.

The customer's journey began with a deep appreciation for their new home's character and location, inspiring them to embark on a comprehensive renovation project. Their thoughtful consideration of the need for triple glazing in the bedrooms to maximise energy efficiency and comfort and their choice of the 2800 Flush White windows with dummy sashes demonstrated their commitment to creating a modern and stylish, yet timeless, living space in their lovely new abode.

AdminBase TaskBoard

Designed to replace white boards and T Cards, the AdminBase TaskBoard provides companies with a digital 'Trello' or Kanban-style display grouping similar tasks across the company into lists of actions that need to be completed.

The TaskBoard is displayed to users as they login to AdminBase, showing each member of staff their tasks to focus on. Managers can see an overview of their sales and installation pipeline and identify bottlenecks before they become a major headache.

The AdminBase TaskBoard automatically updates 'live' from the data behind the scenes without any time-consuming moving of T Cards around or taking an eraser to the whiteboard!

CB Installer Training Academy

Whether new to our products or experienced – at our HQ in Sudbury, where they will also see the meticulous manufacture of our solutions first-hand.

We offer two courses: one for our Louvered Pergolas and one for our External Blinds & Awnings, with an option for a back-to-back course, providing in-depth training across all our product ranges, over two days. These courses have been designed to ensure that our trade partners fully understand how to correctly survey, install, adjust and commission our products.

We also provide ‘bite-size’ training videos for all our products via our trade portal, which our installers have access to 24/7. These clear and concise visual training aids were highly welcomed during the pandemic, when our in-person training was unable to take place, and are popular to date, as quick prompts and reminders.

At the end of the training course, all delegates receive a certificate of competency and are added to our approved database of trained installers. These certificates are valid for 12 months, thereby ensuring installers attend regular training sessions to keep up to date as we continually develop and improve our systems.

In addition to marketing purposes, this certificate acts as reassurance for end clients regarding the installer’s ability, which is particularly important when it comes to high-value products. Furthermore, if an installer moves to another company, their certificate is still valid, subsequently adding value to their resume.

Approved installers are recommended to other companies that are unable to install our products themselves – for example, a landscape designer who does not employ an installer, or an existing partner who may not have the personnel available to carry out the installation, thereby providing additional work to our installers.

DGCOS Installer Journey Benefits

We are dedicated to assisting installer members throughout every phase of their journey. Our dedication is reflected in a comprehensive framework that has six touchpoints, each designed to support and enhance installer experiences:

1. Getting started – We offer guidance to assist installers in getting started with their business and helping them build confidence, ensuring a strong foundation for success.

2. Marketing and digital – We can help installers harness the power of marketing and digital platforms, enabling them to effectively connect with potential customers and expand their reach.

3. Selling – Through insights and technique, we equip installers with the tools to convert leads into sales, and help installers close these leads, to help business growth.

4. Installing – We provide resources to make it easier for installers to install.

5. Customer service and satisfaction – Prioritising both installer and customer contentment, we have valuable experience in excellent customer service, and we can work with installers to ensure positive experiences that foster loyalty and trust with their customers.

6. Annual review – With a forward-looking approach, we can look at the installer’s past year, enabling informed planning for the year ahead to drive continuous improvement.

These 6 stages collectively encompass 32 comprehensive benefits which are tailored to the unique needs of installers. When an installer joins DGCOS, they can access all the benefits as part of their membership. Our commitment to this support programme stems from our desire for installers to perceive their DGCOS membership as an unequivocal asset, regardless of their position within their installer journey. We recognise and honour the diversity of each installer, ensuring that our assistance is relevant, valuable, and applicable at every stage. In essence, DGCOS is not only an association but can offer installers lots of specialised, industry-tailored support to amplify their success.

Endurance Installer Partner Scheme

The Endurance Installer Partner scheme is one of the most fundamental elements of the Endurance Doors platform and with over 800 installers throughout the country, only 250 are currently classed as our Partners. It is our focus to provide this select group of customers with the very best in service to ensure the sustainable growth of their business.

Our requirements to qualify as an Installer Partner:
We want to see a well-presented online presence, an easy to navigate website and a strong and regularly updated presence on social media channels;

Demonstrate an effective customer care policy that puts the needs of the homeowner first, with effective policies for handling complaints;

Demonstrate a consistent track record of installing Endurance doors to our agreed fitting standards. An excellent online reputation backed up with a review service such as Trustpilot of Google Reviews is preferred;

They are required to be an accredited member of FENSA or CERTASS.

In return we provide:
The most reliable composite door product on the market, short leads times and excellent an OTIF rate of nearly 100%;
Effective and trackable customer care support in the form of online system called AMICUS;
Our door designer which generates over a 1000 leads each week for our network for free;
A free web listing on our popular website that can be searched by location or found with a local web search via SEO;
Our own support engineers who will visit their customers in the event of a manufacturing fault;
Showroom doors and support with setting up their own showroom with point of sale and Branding;
A wide range of marketing assets including photography and video of high quality Installations;
Support with marketing activities such as graphic design, printed materials, door drops and social media assets.


The Glazpartners programme allows Glazpart and customers who value the partnership of working together for mutual benefit, to develop and deliver products to meet the business needs of both companies, whilst promoting compliance to best practice and building regulations. The partnership involves collaboration, discussing issues and challenges and finding the best product solutions to meet not just the building regulations, but also to make life easier for manufacturing, fabricating, transporting and installing finished window and door products to ensure that homeowners are not just satisfied but delighted.

For all Glazpartners participating in the customer loyalty programme, Glazpart offer free promotional benefits including:

1) Listing, logo, backlinks (to Glazpartners website) and promotional article on the bespoke Glazpartners webpage
2) Product display/branding on Glazpart’s stands at trade fairs and events (including FIT Show)
3) Joint articles for the trade and regional media
4) Use of the Glazpartners Logo
5) Promotion via social media channels.

Since the Glazpartners initiative was launched in May this year (2023), over 40 companies have joined the programme including the UK's leading fabricators, systems houses, hardware distributors and installers.

Independent Network

Independent Network, powered by VEKA PLC, stands as a beacon of trust and quality in the UK home improvement industry. In a sector historically tarnished by unreliability and consumer scepticism, Independent Network has redefined excellence since 1996, meticulously crafting a culture of integrity and unmatched craftsmanship. It’s a collective that champions the local craftsman, ensuring their work, often overshadowed by larger competitors, receives the recognition and consumer confidence it deserves.

By uniting under VEKA’s esteemed banner, member companies gain a competitive edge: leveraging the “stamp of approval” and Insurance Backed Guarantee of Independent Network, thus ensuring consumers can make substantial investments in their homes with confidence. This support extends far beyond brand trust; it encapsulates Marketing, Training, Technical, Finance, and Health and Safety advisory, transforming independent businesses into industry powerhouses. Independent Network doesn't just uplift businesses; it secures peace of mind for both the craftsman and the homeowner, underpinning the finest PVCu products with comprehensive guarantees and unparalleled support.

aïr 180XLS lift and slide door
Everglade Windows

Looking to provide a future-proofed product to our customers, Everglade Windows’ launch of the aïr 180XLS Lift & Slide Door features numerous leading engineering and design feats that deliver a standout product.

With exceptionally low U-values and extreme weather performance, the 180XLS will help improve the efficiency of buildings throughout the country and give installers confidence that they are ready to meet the Future Homes Standard.

On top of this, the 180XLS also offers captivating aesthetics, with huge panel sizes and slim sightlines, meaning there is no compromise in the drive for energy efficiency.

Pioneering technical innovations within this product include: • Highly engineered frames with incredibly complex polyamide thermal breaks, which are made up of an intricately detailed formation of specific shapes and webs to boast incredible insulation. The result of this innovation means the 180XLS delivers U-values from 0.8 W/m2K, equivalent to Passivhaus standards as well as providing an energy rating of B.

• A combination of the highly engineered frames and the use of an innovative gasket to provide a completely tight seal around the door, means the door also achieves exceptional weather performance. With wind resistance of 2000 Pa, air tightness of 600 Pa and water tightness of 1200 Pa.

• As an industry, we have a direct responsibility to improve the performance of our housing stock in order to achieve our environmental goals. With a U-value from 0.8 W/m2K, the aïr 180XLS ensures that homes are now well insulated to reduce our carbon footprint. As well as the performance, the aïr 180XLS is also made from recycled aluminium, ensuring an eco-friendly process from start to finish.

Code Sharing Viewer
RPS Software

The RPS Software Code Sharing Viewer is a brand-new innovation for use by those involved in the Conservatory and Orangery installation market.

The new feature enables homeowners to view their proposed design in Augmented Reality on a smartphone or tablet. A salesman or surveyor from the company quoting for a job visits a homeowner and agrees a design with them for their new room. Using the new feature they then send the homeowner a link to the app store to download the RPS App and enter a code that has been generated for them. This enables the homeowner to see the design that has been created for them in Augmented Reality and by enabling their camera on the smart phone or tablet it enables them to offer the design up to the back of their house in 3D to give them an incredible experience of how their new products will look. They can view the conservatory overlaid on to their house from the outside or look from the inside of the house into their new conservatory to get a full picture of the benefits of their new installation. The design can include furniture of their choosing to give them a true effect, and the code sharing feature enables them to make changes through consultation with the installer and then see those designs again brought to life in front of their eyes in full Augmented Reality mode.

There is little doubt that this extraordinary level of engagement with homeowners at the design stage has benefits to the installers and has a direct positive impact on conversion rates.


Hexalok™ is an exceptionally strong, high security SIX point multi-point lock for inline sliding doors.

This new multi-point lock boasts a centre hook bolt and five additional mushroom cams providing extra secure locking and prevents lifting of the sliding doors. It also has unique Torx adjustment to security cams for increased cam strength along with a central alignment mark on both lock and keep for ease of installation.

Hexalok™ is available in two versions for optimum cam positioning: Version A (Long) – locking cams spread further apart, and Version B (Short) – cam positions are more closely spaced. The removable lockcase with its stainless-steel gear simplifies maintenance.

Hexalok™ is supplied with standard cams, security cams (1mm less clearance) and 2mm spacers for increased cam height.


Following four years of extensive research, testing and development, the IONIC is much more than a ‘normal’ electronic lock. Designed with inbuilt intuitive haptic technology, the IONIC understands and detects different forms of attack and alerts the homeowner accordingly.

From attempted vandalism and theft through to a fire outside the door, the haptic technology offers unrivalled protection against a vast range of safety risks.

The IONIC’s high levels of security and safety add to a host of other features designed to improve the experience both for the installer and the end user.

Recognising that door fabricators are reluctant to fit electronic multipoint locks because of complicated charging wires, the IONIC has been designed without them. It uses a low wattage, wireless charging unit that takes minutes to install, eliminating a major hurdle that has prevented electronic locks from becoming mainstream.

To ensure installation as is as easy as possible, the IONIC’s setup mirrors that of the renowned Fullex Autolock. Identical routing specifications enable a seamless transition. Integrating chargers and power cables are remarkably straightforward, and everything an installer needs comes in one simple package. Comprehensive fitting instructions are provided alongside a convenient smartphone App. This App serves as a valuable resource hub for installers, offering tutorials to address the most common queries, ensuring a smooth and efficient installation experience.

As well as easing installation, the IONIC maximises aesthetics. Its elegant design enhances the appearance of any entrance door, adding to its appeal.

With multiple patents, the IONIC is a British design revolution that reimagines what an electronic door lock should do for the entire supply chain from the door manufacturer through to the end user.

Link Vent 4000

In June 2022, the Building Regulations Approved Document F (means of ventilation) changed, meaning that companies replacing windows and doors had to factor in a means to ventilate all habitable rooms to comply with the new regulations. The most practical, affordable and easiest way to comply is to install a trickle vent in a window and door. Anticipating this change and the challenges for installers, Glazpart by June 2022, launched the Link Vent 4000 for a home’s smaller rooms (and windows/doors) such as kitchens, bathrooms, hallways etc.

The Link Vent 4000 is installed into a window or door to provide the regulatory passive (background) ventilation in a dwelling. The Link Vent 4000 EQA (Equivalent Area) is the measure of the vents’ airflow performance (4000mm2). The vents are designed to fully comply with Building Regulations. With a clever design that is simple and user-friendly for both opening and closing - the Link Vent's innovative closing action allows more control to reduce draughts by directing air away from occupants. The Link Vent 4000 closure plate is split to allow for partial (50%) opening and greater ease of opening of the ventilator. The Link Vent 4000 also has rounded ends of the vent to allow for installation on timber windows and it is available in either screw or clip in fixing types - the design eliminates the need for end caps whilst the clip fix design (Pawl’s) allows for a fast, easy vent installation. Its smart design, easy fitting, and functionality combined with a huge choice of colours and decorative finishes make it easy for installers to choose the Link Vent for their windows and doors. The Link Vent 4000 can both cool a house when overheating or moderate temperatures through smart ventilation when properties become cold and heating is turned on.

Soudal Window System

Soudal is the largest independent manufacturer of sealants, adhesives and PU foams. Our commitment towards quality and product performance has resulted in a pioneering range of installation products, as well as the creation of the Soudal Window System (SWS).

SWS offers installers a solution for the increasingly stringent expectations and requirements regarding the energy performance of buildings, by combining (certified) high-quality products for a long lasting, well insulated, airtight and weatherproof seal around windows and door connections. The select range of sealants, PU-foams, pre-compressed tapes, liquid membranes and self-adhesive tapes included within SWS can always offer installers the right combination and solution regardless of the building or installation method.

The Soudal Window System focuses on three levels to ensure optimal thermal performance throughout the entire life-span of the window/door installation: Exterior Sealant (Soudaseal 215LM), Frame Insulation (Soudafoam Window & Door SWS) & Interior Sealant (Acryrub SWS). Exterior Sealant - Soudaseal 215LM: • Very low emissions EC1+ certified • Virtually odourless • Low Modulus 100% hybrid polymer sealant no extension • Permanently elastic after curing • Non-staining on porous substrates such as natural stone ASTM C1248 • Paintable with water-based paints • Tested to ISO11600 F25LM • Extensive colour range including classic RAL range • Silicone, solvent, isocyanate, halogen and acid free • IFT certified Frame Insulation - Soudafoam Window & Door: • Airtight IFT certified RAL MO 01/1 • High Linear Yield – Greater number of meters achieved (22m per cannister) • Highly flexible – Maximises durability of the installation • High Acoustic rating 60dB • Excellent thermal conductivity 34.5 mW/mK • Fast curing Interior Sealant – Acryrub: • Permanently elastic after curing – does not crack • Paintable • Low emissions EC1+ • Virtually odourless • IFT and RAL certified • Certified to ISO11600 F 12.5 E

vsHome AR

Throughout our daily lives, we encounter a plethora of digital technologies – we’re constantly glued to our smartphones, and even our homes have become smart, delivering entertainment and security at the convenient touch of a button.

Technology is one of the fastest growing sectors out there, and within the glazing industry, several solutions have come to the fore in recent years.

It’s why this year at PST, we decided to develop vsHome AR, an innovative app that allows installers to share product designs directly to their customer’s phone or tablet using augmented reality. The customer can choose from three different viewing modes – Real Scale, Tabletop and VR – giving them the opportunity to look around, step inside and explore their potential purchase before making a commitment.

vsHome AR works as a companion app to vsHome, our sales platform that has been designed specifically for installers.

vsHome is an advanced yet simple to use sales and surveying software solution where you can design, visualise, and price a wide range of products such as windows, doors, conservatories, garden rooms and more. With an integrated 3D editor and simple to use drag and drop tools, installers can bring their customers’ ideas to life.

With the development of vsHome, we needed to take this a step further in order to allow installers to complete the sales process using modern augmented reality technology. Through vsHome AR, then, installers can share their designs with customers, and with multiple viewing modes, homeowners can either scale the model to a life size representation on the side of their home, or place it on a tabletop.

With vsHome AR, installers can add a real wow factor to their sales visits, giving potential customers more control over their investments, increase conversion rates, and grow their business.

Andy Boyce
Your Price Windows Express

Andy is our Managing Director and Chief Problem Solver. Andy is a great leader, and while he is the owner and MD, he is always happy to help with the day-to-day running of the company to ensure everything runs smoothly.

If we have a supplier issue which would cause a delay to our scheduled installation date, Andy can always solve the problem with his quick thinking. Andy has years of experience in the window and door industry, having started out as a fitter, followed by owning and running a window and door manufacturing factory to now having a retail showroom and managing a team of installers. Andy believes in making sure we offer our customers the best possible product and experience. He carries out all surveys personally and gets to know our customers.

Andy is a busy man, but he always takes the time to help members of the team to solve queries. They might be from Architects who submit plans to be quoted or customers who are having an extension built and do not fully understand what is needed or required to have new windows and doors installed. This often includes discussing the best possible product for their home, ensuring they meet building regulations.

Craig Carter

Craig holds a pivotal role as a Director at Bifoldshop, where his multifaceted responsibilities play a vital part in the company's success. With unwavering dedication, he oversees various aspects of the business, ensuring its smooth operation and growth.

First and foremost, Craig is entrusted with managing the day-to-day installations of Bifoldshop's Installations. His meticulous attention to detail and problem-solving skills ensure that each installation is carried out efficiently and to the highest standards. His leadership ensures that customer satisfaction remains paramount, as the installations are often the final touchpoint in the customer experience.

In addition to his installation duties, Craig takes on the role of surveying new projects. His keen eye for assessing spaces and understanding customer needs allows him to provide accurate project assessments and recommendations. This early stage of project development is critical, as it sets the foundation for successful installations and satisfied clients.

Craig's responsibilities extend beyond execution; he also plays a pivotal role in training new installation teams. His extensive experience and expertise in the field make him a valuable mentor for newcomers, ensuring they adhere to company standards and best practices. By fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement, he contributes to the professional development of the entire team.

Craig's dedication to his responsibilities as a Director at Bifoldshop makes him an indispensable asset. His unwavering commitment to quality installations, project assessment, and training new teams reflects the company's dedication to delivering exceptional products and services. Under his guidance, Bifoldshop continues to thrive and uphold its reputation for excellence in the industry.

Ian Short
Morley Glass

Ian Short is Managing Director of Morley Glass, a company that specialises in the manufacture and supply of integral blind units (Venetian and pleated blinds encapsulated within double or triple glazed units) created using ScreenLine blind systems.

He founded the business in 1998 and has always been actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the business. Today he is assisted by his senior management team of three other directors, as part of an overall workforce of 105 people, who ensure the factory, the supply chain, customer service support and supporting head office functions operate with maximum efficiency.

Ian’s style of management is very ‘light touch’. He has created a culture where everyone shares a positive mindset and a dedication to quality throughout everything they do. That is not something that has been created overnight, however, it has evolved over 25 years through investing in the right people, training and development, so the finished products are to a standard where they effectively ‘sell themselves’.

Ian is involved in the strategic direction of the business which includes working closely with key supply chain partners Pellini S.p.A (manufacturer of ScreenLine integral blind systems) and Saint-Gobain Glass to continuously develop the Morley Glass product portfolio. He has also been the driving force behind the successful post-consumer glass recycling initiative, which arguably would not have taken off so quickly without having a passionate advocate like Ian.

However, that doesn't mean Ian isn’t prepared to ‘muck in’ wherever needed! He regularly liaises with customers and suppliers, and every day he works to support and mentor wherever he can to keep the team on track with orders and ensure customer queries are resolved quickly and efficiently. He even makes the teas and coffees for his employees on arrival in the morning as he is usually first in!

Kevin Wallis

Kev’s primary role is to keep our customers happy, and over the past 42 years Kev has managed to do this extremely successfully. His core role and responsibilities are technical service engineer and key account sales manager: in short he sorts problems out for customers when they arise, and sells product to our customers while helping them grow. Internally Kev is recognised as the person to turn to for all technical resolutions - a Font of knowledge, whil externally he is liked and adored by our customers as no problem is ever too big to resolve and he does so with a smile on his face.

Callum Hills
YES Glazing Solutions

Callum Smith, our apprentice in the field of fenestration, embarked on his journey with us at the age of 16, straight from school. In his current capacity as a Glazing Technician apprentice, Callum is actively engaged in learning and mastering the intricacies of window and door installation, maintenance, and other aspects of glass structure work. He plays a vital role in on-site assessments, client collaborations, and upholding the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship in every task.

Starting with us at a young age, Callum's journey as an apprentice involves shadowing experienced team members, actively participating in training activities, and contributing to projects under the guidance of seasoned professionals. His dedication to personal and team development is evident as he navigates the learning process with enthusiasm.

At the age now of nearly 18, Callum Smith has emerged as a standout member of our fenestration team. Callum is due to complete his apprenticeship soon and Starting as an apprentice and progressing to a Glazing Technician at such a young age is a testament to Callum's commitment to personal and professional development.

Harrison Ward
James Wilding Joinery

Harrison has worked for our company for just over 2 years now. He started work with us in the summer of 2021 as our apprentice. His roles consisted of keeping the workshop clean and tidy, making sure that tools are put away once they have been used and shadowing members of our knowledgeable team to lean skills. As time has gone on he has started taking on more responsibilities, including helping with the application of spray paint, fine finishing joinery work, installing doors and windows with guidance and manufacturing processes within the workshop, such as morticing etc.

Sam Corner
Tradeglaze (Lincoln)

Sam Corner is the Sales Coordinator for our glass and glazing fabrication business. He is the key link between our sales teams, welcoming and hosting customers in our showroom and dealing with telephone and email queries from customers. Since joining Tradeglaze in January 2021, amidst the challenging landscape of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sam has become a beacon of innovation and resilience for the entire Tradeglaze group of companies. His initial role involved overseeing sales for our retail subsidiary, Jackson Windows, where he swiftly implemented transformative plans. These strategies not only modernized operations but also redefined Jackson Windows into a customer-focused entity in the home improvement sector.

Over the past year, Sam's vision and responsibilities have broadened, as he embraced larger roles within Tradeglaze, significantly bolstering our trade sales teams.

Stephanie Lowcock
Clearview Home Improvements

As Commercial Coordinator Stephanie Lowcock manages Clearview’s contracts as they progress from the sales side of the business, through pre-commencement and finally to the operation teams ahead of the start of physical building work.

Steph’s background is varied. After graduating from university with a 2:1 in Geography, she spent time in different roles, including working within the recruitment sector for several years.

Since joining the company in September 2021, Stephanie has transformed Clearview’s approach the contract progression and has incorporated numerous systems and processes that have massively benefited the business. Her impact has been incredible, and she truly is a rising star within the glass and glazing sector.

Chris Green
Tyneside Home Improvements

Chris is responsible for all financial and commercial aspects of the business, working closely with the owner to drive the business forward. Within his role he manages the entire finance function to include the production of accurate, timely and relevant management information, and the management of supplier and customer ledgers. He manages the entire HR function of the business to include apprentices, employees, and Subcontractors, this also includes overseeing the Health and Safety responsibilities of the business, to include training, compliance, and insurances.

Chris has significant input in the sales and marketing function of the business, ensuring that advertising campaigns are planned, and within budget whilst managing internal and external digital marketing resources. He works closely with the Sales Manager to set sales targets and strategy to make sure that they are achieved; and beyond that has responsibility for overseeing the customer service and installations team to ensure that the customer journey is the best that it can be.

In addition to the above, Chris is responsible for the management of all external and internal stakeholders of the business to include training providers, accountants, insurers, credit brokers and regulatory bodies such as the FCA, Pension Providers, and HMRC.

Brent Tromp
Starglaze Windows

One of the key responsibilities of Brent, is to develop, mentor and coach his teams to implement effective strategies to attract customers and increase sales while delivering exceptional customer service. . This involves analysing market trends, identifying customer needs, and developing marketing campaigns to promote the company's products. Brent also monitor’s sales performance and adjust strategies accordingly to meet targets.